Sunday, 19 February 2017

Things You Need to Know About Company Formation in Seychelles

Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles is considered to be an ideal land for the establishment of international businesses. This country combines more than 150 islands and is filled with tons of natural resources. The lifestyle and culture of this country is highly affected by British culture. 
This place is perfect for smooth business progress and company formation in Seychelles due to its less competitive atmosphere. Over the past few years, Seychelles has witnessed a tremendous growth in the international business sector. 
Tips for Successful Company Formation in Seychelles
Investors from all around the world admit that Seychelles is a well suited destination for the establishment of various business ventures. Whether we talk about IT, manufacturing, transport or real estate, growth opportunities are available for every business.  
Following are a few essential tips for establishing a successful firm in Seychelles:
  • Understanding the jurisdiction 
  • Getting help from expert counsellors for your Seychelles Company Formation
  • Obtain a cost estimate for company incorporation 
  • Careful observation 
  • Planning the process of forming an offshore company in Seychelles 
Process Involved While Company Formation in Seychelles
Once you have taken above tips in your consideration you have to follow certain procedures to complete the Seychelles company formation process. 
  • Start by registering your company's unique name. Make sure that the name you choose is completely unique. In case it matches with any other existing company in Seychelles, your registration request gets rejected. 
  • You have the freedom to register your company with the name of your nominee for higher privacy level in ownership. Along with this, a director is needed to be appointed. He/she are not necessary to belong to Seychelles.
  • You need to state a local company address and you must have a local registered agent authorized by the government of Seychelles.
  • You will also need at least one stakeholder for your company. It is not necessary that they should belong to Seychelles.
The lands of Seychelles are open for all small and big investors. If you wish to establish a private limited company in Seychelles, look for expert corporate services in both onshore and offshore company formations. There are companies like GEEKAYSYS that specialize in extending corporate services including company formation in Seychelles. 

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