Sunday 19 February 2017

Things You Need to Know About Company Formation in Seychelles

Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles is considered to be an ideal land for the establishment of international businesses. This country combines more than 150 islands and is filled with tons of natural resources. The lifestyle and culture of this country is highly affected by British culture. 
This place is perfect for smooth business progress and company formation in Seychelles due to its less competitive atmosphere. Over the past few years, Seychelles has witnessed a tremendous growth in the international business sector. 
Tips for Successful Company Formation in Seychelles
Investors from all around the world admit that Seychelles is a well suited destination for the establishment of various business ventures. Whether we talk about IT, manufacturing, transport or real estate, growth opportunities are available for every business.  
Following are a few essential tips for establishing a successful firm in Seychelles:
  • Understanding the jurisdiction 
  • Getting help from expert counsellors for your Seychelles Company Formation
  • Obtain a cost estimate for company incorporation 
  • Careful observation 
  • Planning the process of forming an offshore company in Seychelles 
Process Involved While Company Formation in Seychelles
Once you have taken above tips in your consideration you have to follow certain procedures to complete the Seychelles company formation process. 
  • Start by registering your company's unique name. Make sure that the name you choose is completely unique. In case it matches with any other existing company in Seychelles, your registration request gets rejected. 
  • You have the freedom to register your company with the name of your nominee for higher privacy level in ownership. Along with this, a director is needed to be appointed. He/she are not necessary to belong to Seychelles.
  • You need to state a local company address and you must have a local registered agent authorized by the government of Seychelles.
  • You will also need at least one stakeholder for your company. It is not necessary that they should belong to Seychelles.
The lands of Seychelles are open for all small and big investors. If you wish to establish a private limited company in Seychelles, look for expert corporate services in both onshore and offshore company formations. There are companies like GEEKAYSYS that specialize in extending corporate services including company formation in Seychelles. 

Sunday 12 February 2017

Your Guide to Choose the Right Business Accounting Solution

Choosing an accountant is nothing less than choosing your business partner. The right approach towards business accounting in Hong Kong or any other country, for that matter, can help your company grow. The role of the accountant is to get intimately involved with the company's operations so that no decision is taken lightly.
A certified accountant manages all the complex financial tasks and offers expert solutions for practical business issues. You may consider following tips to choose the right accountant.
1.    Go for Cloud Accounting 
Today, companies are more interested in collaborating online. Therefore they use cloud-based technology to run their business.
Even for business accounting in Hong Kong most of these companies go for cloud accounting. Identical real time data is shared between the company and their accountant irrespective of their location.
2.    Choose a Certified Accounting Company 
With greater knowledge and experience a certified accountant can add more value to your business.
Every company or business needs to engage a professional accountant at the very beginning if they look forward to their company’s growth.
3.    Prefer Accountants with Relevant Expertise
There are highly qualified professionals who have workplace experience for managing different financial and operational matters of the organization.
Hiring a noncertified accountant is an imprudent business move. One should always look for an accountant with relevant qualifications and expertise.
4.    Find out What Software is Being Used for Accounting in Hong Kong
If you are looking for accountants then go for the ones who use the same software as you do for accounting. This ensures the safety of sensitive financial information shared between you and your accountant.
You may also choose to go for market leading accounting software that are easy to use and that eliminate time-consuming errors.
5.    Get Someone who is Proactive About Saving Your Money 
Some certified accountants go beyond just managing your accounts and complete your returns forms. These accountants are dedicated to saving your business money.
A good accountant knows the details of tax law too. Therefore he or she can adopt ways that save your money legally.
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Wednesday 30 November 2016

You can enjoy following Benefits with Hong Kong Accounting Services

Hong Kong Accounting Services
Business, no matter of what nature, is all about achieving work optimization and better performance. In order to do so, it is necessary that you hire the best services to reap maximum benefits. You can do so by opting for Hong Kong accounting services.  It is a wise decision to outsource the services of accounting, which includes payroll and salary tax returns as well. Why? The following points will make it clear:

1.You will get to enjoy high accuracy in work
When there is money involved, it is always best to never leave anything to the benefit of the doubt. With accounting services, you get results with higher accuracy, which in turn benefits the other operations of your business.
2.You will get to enjoy a highly efficient business strategy
You will have experts by your side to deal with present scenario and plan future statistics. Having a highly efficient business strategy helps to ensure better performance.
3.You will get to enjoy lower expenses
You will be able to better deal with expenses of your business and cut the unnecessary ones. You will be surprised to see how much you could save by looking at the monthly or annual reports afterward.
4.You will get to enjoy fraudulent free work
In services like payroll processing, you will able to ensure that no fraud takes place among the staff or within the organization. You will be able to control the flow of work.
5.You will get to enjoy effective tax processing
Inaccuracies in tax lead to a lot of loss each year to different businesses. By hiring accounting services, you will not only be able to avoid any penalties but also enjoy hassle-free tax processing.
There are much more benefits awaiting for your business. All you need to do is get in touch with Geekaysys. We are one of the leading Hong Kong accounting service providers. We have a team of experts waiting to serve you in the best way possible.
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